About AsianFriendly.org

What is AsianFriendly.org?

Asian Friendly is a dating website that primarily allows men from foreign countries to meet Asian ladies from all around the world. However Asianfriendly is open to everyone who has an interest in Asian people and Asian culture.

Is AsianFriendly.org Free?

Our website prides itself on being 100% free to send and receive message. In addition you can use the instant chat service totally free. You can also show interest to different members or leave comments on their profile page or pictures totally free.

How do I edit my profile?

If you want to edit your profile, just simply go to your profile page and then click on 'Edit Profile'. Then just enter the information you would like to add to your profile. Being polite and informative when you write your profile information will help you to get a lot more attention and visitors to your page. Please Note: Any profiles that we deem inappropriate or harmful will be deleted.

What do I do if I forget my password?

You can easily reset your password if you forgot it by clicking on the Forgot Password? Link on the homepage. Then fill in your email and/or user name and click 'Submit. We will then send you an email to reset your password.How do I upload new pictures?If you want to upload new pictures, simply click on 'Pictures', then 'Add picture' and finally the 'Select Picture' button. You can now choose a picture from your computer, enter a 'Description' if you like and then hit the 'Submit' button.

What pictures are allowed?

Any pictures that are not sexually explicit that are of yourself are allowed. You may upload pictures or photos of your animals but please do not use this site as hosting grounds for hundreds of pictures of your cats or dogs. Do not upload pictures that start religious wars, depict celebrities or are not of you. Any pictures that depict violence or anything illegal are not allowed as well.

My pictures are disappearing?

If your pictures are disappearing, this is because you’re not abiding by the terms of service or the rules that you agreed to when signing up to this site. Do not re-submit pictures that have been deleted or re-uploading pictures that violate the terms of service.

Why did i get a new message notification but there is no new message in my inbox?

From time to time we have spammers and scammers who send messages to our members and we may detect and delete the account and messages before you get to read them. Visit http://romancescams.org to learn more.

How do I change my username?

When you sign up to this website and pick out a username, that is your permanent username. We urge all users to be careful when picking their username as it’s permanent. However, we may change your username under certain circumstances. Email us with a request only if you feel it is really important that you change your username.

How do i close (delete) my profile?

You can do this by going to 'Settings', 'Privacy', then click on the 'Who can view my profile' drop down box and choose the 'Cancel Account' option and then hit 'Submit'. You will be presented with a final warning to confirm you want to close your profile? Just click 'Yes' to confirm or 'No' to go back.

About My Privacy

Is there a privacy policy on this website?

Our privacy policy is public information and stored on our website. You can view all of our policy and how we collect your information by going to the privacy policy page.What kind of information can other members see and what can’t they see about me?You can set all kind of privacy options for your profile under 'Settings', 'Privacy'. In addition, any messages sent by you to other members are private for you and the other member. However, other comments that are posted to other members of the website are viewable by anyone who can see that person’s profile. However, if you have a favorite’s list, only you can view your favorites and your private list of who you are interested in talking to.

Exactly how long are messages stored and other information on me?

Messages are stored forever. However, you do have a limit of storing only a maximum of 200 messages at a time. If you display an interest in someone, those are only stored for up to a couple of weeks. Comments that you make are stored forever and so are your favorites. Any data that you want removed, in according to our privacy policy just send us an e-mail and they will be removed at your request.

Reporting Abuse

If I have a problem with another member, what do I do?

If another user or member of this website is harassing you or threatening them, you can go on to their profile and then click on the “block member” button. They will no longer be able to contact you. If you feel like a member is violating the terms of service, you can report their profile and we will review your report.

How do I unblock members I’ve blocked and how do I view members I’ve blocked?

If you want to see who you have blocked or unblock a member, click on 'Network', 'Blocked' and you will a list (if any) of members you have blocked. All you have to do to block someone again, is navigate over to their profile and hit the “unblock member” button.

What do I do if I find someone’s picture offensive?

If you want to report someone’s picture for being offensive, just click on 'Report' button when viewing the picture or their profile. You can also e-mail us as an alternative.

If someone’s using my pictures, what do I do?

If someone is using pictures they’re not authorized to use or not of them, you can use the 'Report' button or e-mail us with the picture in question or the picture of you that isn’t currently on the website to prove that they are in fact your pictures. They have to be your pictures in order for a report to get filed successfully.