Your Privacy

When it comes to your privacy, we take it very seriously here at In order for us to help better protect you and your privacy, we are providing a notice that explains all of our practices that we utilize on the internet and how your information is obtained and how it is used. We will also discuss the choices at your disposal in the way that information is obtained about you as well. This notice is on the home page of our website so that it is convenient and easy to find and in the event that some of your personal data might be requested, it will be displayed there as well.

Advertising Via Google AdSense

Google Inc is not associated with and is in fact a third party vendor that displays ads on this website. Google will utilize cookies that are inserted in your individual computer to collect information to be able to place and show relevant adverts on our website. When you visit other websites, Google is collecting information about your browsing activity and trends via these cookies to help serve you better with relevant advertisements. Therefore adverts will be displayed on based on some of your previous browsing activity.

If you would not like to have DART cookies placed on your computer and you would like to opt out of that service; you can do so by visiting the following website: This is the Google privacy policy for their adverts and their network. The DART cookie and the tracking of users through the cookie and any of the data obtained are also upheld with Google’s privacy policies.

In addition, Google Analytics uses cookies to obtain anonymous data of individual users including the time spent on our site, browser resolution and the number of pages have been visited. This is done to measure the effectiveness of our site and ways to improve it.

You may also be tracked by additional third party services or networks that are not listed here using cookies and any other reasons for this tracking not listed here will be explained with their own privacy policies. Asian Friendly does not have access to or any control what so ever of the cookies that are distributed to your computer by these third party advertisement networks.

Your Personal Information

When you visit our website, your IP Address is obtained and logged on our servers. In addition, we also record the different dates and different times that your IP Address accesses this website. The information that is gathered is used only to analyze visitor trends, manage the website, tracking the movement of users on the site and finally to gather demographic data that is used to provide relevant content. It should be noted that while your IP Address will be recorded, it is not linked to any vital information or any information that could identify who you are or steal any of your personal information.

Changes To Our Privacy Statement

Any of the content or any of the statements in this privacy policy may be changed at any time. We reserve the right to make modifications based on the needs of the website and may do so without warning.

If you have any additional questions in regards to this privacy policy or on the privacy policy standards of, you may send us an e-mail. Thanks for visiting!