www.asianfriendly.org is a social media platform and a social network based website. This website gives members the permission and access to create personal online profiles that are unique. These profiles are to help find new friends or to communicate with existing ones. This service is ran by us at Asian Friendly. By using our website and by utilizing our services, you are in an agreement with us. By utilizing our website, you agree to and are bound to the Terms Of Use which is stated in this agreement. You have a choice when using this site to register as a member. If you do in fact register as a member of this website, communicate between people of this website (members), and utilize the service or features of this website, you are to read the agreement and then fully comply by indicating that you accept this agreement and follow all of the instructions that are in the registration process.By reading this agreement and agreeing to the terms laid out in this agreement, this agreement will set out all of the legally binding terms that you need to know to utilize the features or services of this website. Your use of this website and your membership with this website are bound by these terms and this agreement.http://www.asianfriendly.org, reserves the right to change or make modifications to this agreement whenever it feels necessary. Any modifications or changes made will be posted on this website for you to read. Once the agreement and any modifications are posted, utilizing this website or the services will bind you to agree to the modified changes and the agreement of the website. You’re bound to follow the acceptable use policy and all of the things covered in the following agreement: the utilization of this website, your membership, your rights on this website, your obligations and any restrictions while using this website. You also agree you are bound to the privacy policy of Asian Friendly.Any information that is posted by you as a member on http://www.asianfriendly.org should be chosen very carefully. You agree that by using this website, none of the pictures or photographs you upload will contain any violence, offensive material or any nudity what so ever. Any photographs containing any of this will be strictly prohibited. We are not responsible for the accuracy of any information posted in a member’s profile on our website We are neither liable nor responsible for inaccurate information or for any prohibited material posted by members of this website.We reserve the right to restrict any member of this website access to any part of this website including features and capability to utilize this website for any reason at any time without any kind of prior warning or notice. Your access here is a privilege and not an obligation. We assume no responsibility or liability for your membership here and it can be revoked at any time without warning.We are not an introduction agency and we don’t personally screen any of the members that join this website. We aren’t an introduction agency and shouldn’t be mistaken for one. We can’t guarantee that any of the information you read in another member’s profile is accurate or that it’s a real profile. By utilizing the features and accessing this website, you agree that you are taking full responsibility for any actions you may commit to on this website and that you’re responsible if you in fact do choose to meet up with another member of this website.If you are to attend or participate in any event that’s held offline, you are bound to the terms that exclude us from any damages that may happen as the result of your offline event. These damages or unfortunate circumstances may include, injuries, damage to your property, death and all of these are without limitation.Terms Of UseInteractionsWhen you communicate or interact with other members of this website, you are responsible for your own actions and www.asianfriendly.com doesn’t assume any responsibility for the actions you commit on this website with other members. By using this website and utilizing the features, you agree that you understand this website doesn’t screen members prior to joining, nor does the website do any kind of background checks what so ever on members to obtain accurate information on any of these members you interact with. You’re interacting with other members of this website at your own risk nor do we conduct any kind of compatibility check to suite you with other members.There is no event in which we will be held accountable or reliable for any damages that may occur as a result from meeting people off of this website. Whether you’re injured, directly damaged, indirectly or completely accidental damages; none of them will be covered and we are not responsible. Any of the following without any limitations include: emotional stress, bodily injury (minor or serious), property damage, death or an accident. Any meetings that are a result of meeting someone from this website are at your own will and you’re reliable for your own safety. Please take precautions before meeting people from here.

Your Eligibility

By utilizing this website and the features that come with it, you are agreeing to the terms of service and you are stating that any of the information you have submitted upon registration is accurate and truthful. You are agreeing that you will also maintain the truthful information that you have provided to this website. You additionally agree that you are at least 18 years of age or of an older age and that when you use the website or features of the website, you will not violate any of the applicable laws or regulations. We hold our right to delete your profile without any kind of warning what so ever. If we find you’re misrepresenting your age on this website, we reserve the right to delete you without any kind of prior warning. Other members are not authorized to use your account which includes your email address on this website or your profile.

Terms And Fees

If you are a member, you use this website or the service, the agreement displayed on this page will remain in full effect without any limitations. It’s your right to terminate your membership at any time if you wish to do so. Also, please note that we may also terminate your membership at any point in time without any prior warning or any reason what so ever. We will send you a notice at the email address you provided when you signed up for membership. You have acknowledged and you agree that by becoming a member at Asian Friendly, we will reserve the right to charge for any of the services used by this site and if a member fails to pay for this service, they’re subject to be terminated by us for that or any reason we deem necessary. We require by this agreement to terminate any member who fails to pay the service fee.Non Commercial Use By MembersThis website may not be used in the connection of any endeavors that would be considered commercial, excluding those that have been approved by the management of this website. If the staff gives a specific endorsement, you may appropriately engage in commercial use of this website. You may not collect any of the user names or an of the email addresses provided by members of this website. You may not send unsolicited or unwanted emails to members of this website by obtaining their email addresses from this website. You may not promote another product or website via affiliate links either and action will be taken by the staff or for any unauthorized or determined illegal use of this website.

Proprietary Rights In Content On asianfriendly.com

This website owns all of the rights and retains all of the rights of the website and service provided by this website. This website contains privately owned and copyrighted material, other proprietary information and trademarks owned by us. You may not publish, transmit, copy, perform, display or modify any of the copyrighted information on this site.User ContentBy utilizing this website, you agree to and understand that the staff at Asian Friendly can and will review messages made by you or any other member and any of the content posted on this site by its members. We review the right to delete any of the messages or content that is placed on this website. Any content, messages or photography that is offensive, threatens the safety of another website member, violates the rights and agreements set forth by this site or is illegal may be reviewed and deleted.You are responsible for any of the content that is published or any content that may be displayed on the website. Any messages or content that you transmit to others via messaging is subject to deletion by the staff and you’re responsible for any of the content you post or message.Where there are public areas to the website, any of the content or information you post there, is granted a full exclusive rights license to Asianfriendly. We own the rights to display and fully use this content at our discretion. If you wish to remove such content and notify us by e-mail, the license is revoked or if you choose to remove the content.Any content that is deemed illegal or inappropriate on this website will be displayed here. This is a very partial list of any content that is illegal on this website. We reserve the right to investigate any content posted by its users and we will take appropriate action for what we feel is the right course of action based on the illegal action performed. We may: Remove the content in question that is harmful or illegal or we may remove the member from the website as our right to do so. Some of the partial list of illegal or prohibited content includes:Any kind of content that promotes bigotry, hatred towards a specific group or race, racism or any content promoting harm to a group or individual member.Indicates harm against another person or member of this website.Chain letters, spam e-mail, mass e-mailing or the transmission of such material.Promotes any kind of information that is knowingly false or misleading is prohibited as well. Any kind of information that promotes or encourages illegal, threatening, obscene, defamatory or libelous activities is prohibited as well.Copying or promoting another person’s work whether it be illegal or unauthorized. Any kind of unpaid or pirated computer programs or pirated work. You may not link to or distribute such things or you will be in violation of this agreement. You will also not provide any kind of links or distribute pirated music files as well.Restricted password only pages that are setup so they’re hidden from everyone else or hidden images that may have passwords on them as well.Providing any kind of information about how to perform illegal activities is prohibited. This information may include, teaching people how to make weapons, drugs or how to sell these items as well.If you use this service, you must use the website and the services that inhabit it in a manner that will apply with all the regulations and laws that apply. You may not advertise to or try to solicit any member of this site or sell any member of this site products or any kind of unsolicited service. We may not and can’t monitor any of the communication or actions members are engaging in off the website but we can monitor any of the content members are posting or engaging in on the website. We also reserve the right to restrict another member on how many e-mails they may send to another user at any given point in time on a 24 hour basis.Any of the banners or advertisements that are displayed on this website, may not be covered up or altered through the use of CSS or HTML. Other means are included in this as well such as server side programming.Adding friends via scripts or external sources other than manual adding is prohibited.You are forbidden to try to impersonate other users and people who are not currently members of Asian Friendly.You may not disclose your password of your membership on this website nor may you use the access content of another member on this website at any time. You will not permit any third parties to access your profile on this site as well, such actions are prohibited.

Copyright Policy

You may not distribute or reproduce in any way possible any of the material that is hosted by this website or on this website. The copyrighted material and the trademarks of this website are specifically owned and licensed by asianfriendly.org and may not be produced or distributed by any members of this website. All of this is without limitations except for in the event that you have requested to do so and have gotten the approval of the management staff or the owner of the website. It’s the policy in which to terminate any member that violates any of these policies or violates any copyright owner’s material hosted on this website. If your work has been copied or you believe that your work may have been copied and has been violated in a way that violates these terms that every member is bound to, you may provide the following information to a copyright agent of the website. You need to provide an electronic or physical signature of the member on this website unauthorized to act on behalf of you or your company. You need to also release a description of the copyrighted work in question that you believe is in question. You need to also provide your contact details and how to get a hold of you. You must also prove that you are the licensed owner of the content.

Member Disputes

You will be responsible for your own actions while utilizing this website and its features. Any disputes that may occur between you or other members will not be monitored or handled by the website and its staff unless it threatens another member or violates the terms of service.


http://www.asianfriendly.org and the staff that manage the website are not responsible in any way for any of the content posted on this website by other members. We cannot guarantee the accuracy or validity of the information posted on this website by other members. We are not responsible for the conduct of members and the behavior between members whether it be online via this website or offline as well. Any of the communication used by members of this website is responsible for their own equipment and we are not responsible for anything that may happen to any of the communications equipment or content owned by members of this website. We additionally, are not responsible for any technical malfunctions or problems that may occur with network lines, computer hardware or equipment while utilizing this website and its features. There are no circumstances in which asianfriendly.org will assume responsibility for any of the damages done by other website members on this website. This website is not responsible for any damages done to members done by other members as a result of meeting up in person and this includes; injury, damage to property or equipment or death.

Limitation on Liability If you use this website, you are agreeing to the terms of this agreement on limitation and liability. In no way possible, will Asian Friendly be responsible for any of the damages done to you or property which include special, punitive damages, exemplary, consequential, indirect or incidental. Even if the website has been advised of any the damages that may or have occurred, we assume no responsibility; nor will we be responsible for any such damages. The liability for you for any cause of whatever damages that may occur on this site is not held accountable by us.


In the event that there may be a dispute that involves the use of this service, the website or utilizing this website, you agree to the terms you are bound by on these terms of service on this website. Any disputes can and will be governed by the laws of the area. You additionally agree to personal jurisdiction by the venue and the area which the laws are governed and based.


Not only do you agree to the terms stated above in the page, you also agree to indemnify and hold asianfriendly.org, the affiliates, the agents, the officers, the subsidiaries, or any other partners of the website and staff. All of the above are harmless from any and all loss that may occur from this website, any liability, any claim or even demand. Any attorney fees that are made by a third party due to your service or use of this website will be a breach in your agreement with our terms of service and the warranties that have been set for you above.Data SecurityAsianfriendly.org cannot and will not be held as the responsible party for any personal data that may be lost as a result of utilizing this website or the services. We are additionally not responsible for backing up any of your personal data which might include images, texts, videos or other data. We additionally will not claim or make no claim that your account data is stored privately and securely. Any information that may be leaked on this website due to a user or the server; we will not be held responsible for any damages as a result of the leak of any information.PLEASE ENSURE YOU HAVE THOROUGHLY READ THROUGH THIS AGREEMENT AND BY USING THIS WEBSITE, AGREE TO ALL OF THE STATEMENTS, AGREEMENTS AND PROVISIONS THAT HAVE BEEN STATED ABOVE!